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"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it." - Tori Amos

Our Mission: To provide therapeutic services in a safe, non-judgmental, and healing space for individuals, families, and groups. 

Our Vision: To continue building a team of empathetic and competent therapists possessing diverse areas of expertise. We believe the quality of the knowledge and training of our therapists impacts the delivery of services. As such, we maintain a focus towards continued professional growth and education. Regarding our clients, we wish to instill renewed hope that positive change, improved quality of life, and a healthier future are achievable. Our therapists strive to facilitate the continued growth and healing of our clients through connection, empowerment, support, and education.   

Our Purpose: We believe that everyone is deserving of the benefits of therapy. As such, we strive to ensure the inclusion of all potential clients, and we welcome diversity, including all abilities, races, body sizes, sexualities, genders, cultures, religions, and political values. Additionally, our highly trained therapists are competent and qualified to treat a wide range of mental health concerns. To accomplish the goal of improved health and functioning, our therapists work diligently to build and model healthy relationships with their client(s). Therapists also provide emotional support, reprocess emotionally salient experiences and memories, and utilize empathetic listening as vehicles to facilitate the client’s growth, insight, and empowerment. Clients are encouraged to set their own goals and move at their pace throughout the therapy process. Psychoeducation and continued learning are also core components of the therapeutic process for both the client(s) and therapist. We hope that our clients reap the benefits of therapy, both big and small, for years to come. 

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