Dear Valued Clients:

Your health and safety is our primary concern, particularly at this time of national emergency. Akron Family Institute's management team has made the decision to continue to keep our office closed to the public until state mandated procedures can be put in place that will provide for the utmost health and physical safety of both our patients and staff. Our office staff are available to answer phone calls and schedule appointments. 


All of our therapists are available for teletherapy. If you are interested in teletherapy as a continued or new patient, please contact our office for more information. 

Please visit our "Response to Coronavirus" tab for information on how to keep healthy and manage anxiety. For those of you with children, we have resources for keeping children busy and anxiety-free while at home. Please visit the "Teletherapy" tab for additional information on how to connect with therapists using teletherapy.


We are welcoming new patients to the practice, and you will be accommodated using teletherapy. Please contact our office for more information

We are all in this together. Stay well. 

Thank you,
Akron Family Institute



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We believe healing and recovery develops through understanding and improving relationships with family members, loved ones and friends. We work closely with each other to examine current relationships and to teach new techniques for building positive and healthy relationships.

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