Akron Family Institute

"Experts in relationship counseling"

3469 Fortuna Drive;  Akron, OH 44312   (directions)   ph: (330) 644-3469      fax: (330) 644-8519

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Akron Family Institute is dedicated to providing the highest standards of client care in the mental health field. Our professional staff has excellent credentials, and we offer the most advanced treatment available in our profession.

We’re committed to working closely with you to help you overcome your problems and to experience a healthy and productive life.


 Steven E. Perkins, Ph.D., Ph.D.
 Director and Founder

Experts in relationship counseling

Akron Family Institute is a full-service mental health practice. Our staff consists of psychologists, counselors and social workers, all with outstanding credentials and training. Many of our senior staff have over 20 years of clinical experience in helping others.

We’re a leader in providing a broad range of mental health services for individuals, couples and families living in northeast Ohio. Utilizing the most up-to-date treatment procedures, we help people of all ages to overcome their problems and to achieve a healthy and productive life.

Our key services include psychological testing, evaluations and counseling. We believe healing and recovery come through understanding and improving relationships with family members, loved ones and friends. We work closely with each client to examine current relationships and to teach new techniques for building positive and healthy relationships.


Akron Family Institute

"Experts in relationship counseling"

3469 Fortuna Drive;  Akron, OH 44312    (directions)     ph: (330) 644-3469      fax: (330) 644-8519